April 2021 Update

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  • OLM file compatibility
    • MacOS users are no longer required to convert their mailboxes into .pst files before uploading to Smartbox.
    • For convenience we now support OLM files so Mac users can directly export emails from their Outlook for Mac and drop it into Smartbox.ai. This works exactly like PST files do – Smartbox will extract all emails and attachments so they can be analysed, redacted, reviewed and disclosed within Smartbox.
  • EML file support
    • To improve productivity, users can now upload individual emails to Smartbox without having to export an entire mailbox.
    • We’ve received many Feature Requests to allow users to drag & drop individual emails into Smartbox without needing to export a PST/OLM archive. Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t support directly dragging emails into a browser, however we do now support .eml files (which is the format in which Outlook saves emails) so you can simply save the email to a local folder as a .eml and drop it into Smartbox from there instead.
  • Integration of Smartbox and SAR Tracker
    • Processed emails and documents can now be imported directly from Smartbox to SAR Tracker and sent out to the subject.
    • For complete streamlining of the SAR process we now allow users to attach documents directly to the workflow. This means documents can be attached based on their status (i.e. those marked as ‘complete’ by someone performing the redaction/review), or simply by manually selecting the appropriate emails or documents you wish to disclose to the subject.
  • File thumbnails
    • Users can now see a preview of their files from within Smartbox.
    • It can be hard to read through many documents or emails. Smartbox now provides a convenient preview of the documents so a reviewer familiar with the data can easily see ‘at a glance’ what the documents look like and whether they are relevant to a case or not.


  • File movement options 
    • Files can now be easily moved between folders within a box by dragging and dropping.
  • Maximum file upload size
    • Maximum upload size increased from 180MB to 400MB
  • File upload time-out
    • The upload window has been increased from 60s to 180s.
  • New folder creation
    • Clicking away from a folder when naming it no longer cancels folder creation.
  • Password requirements
    • Introduced higher password complexity requirements to platform sign in to improve security.
  • UI improvements
    • General UI refinements to make the platform more intuitive.
  • Platform stability
    • General stability improvements including improved processing speed and AI improvements.


  • Under rare conditions, valid passwords were being incorrectly flagged as not meeting the requirements. All valid passwords are now supported.
  • Following a password reset, the ‘Back’ button which returned users to the login screen was disabled. This has now been resolved.
  • Certain browsers would cause searching for a user to add to a team to return a blank screen. This has now been resolved.
  • Exporting ‘List of all terms’ as a .xls file no longer returns an empty file.
  • User profile images sometimes weren’t showing but now display correctly in the UI for all users.
  • The ‘Folder info’ now displays correct statistics, including where complex folder structures in compressed archives are involved.
  • User enable / disable button toggles correctly.
  • Smartview displays the correct thumbnails for every page in the document.
  • SAR Tracker ID now supports multiple forms of ID documents.
  • Renaming a folder from the left-hand navigation is now supported.

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