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Mark Callahan Admin

Below is a list issues we are aware of and currently working on.

Last updated: 31/07/2022



Terms split across two lines not always redacted successfullyManually adjust / draw redaction boxes where required

Highlighting in Smartview: on rare occasions words may not be highlighted, contrary to expectations. This may happen particularly where the word is followed by a full stop at the end of the line. This is due to a rendering difficulty in representing files with highlighting in a resource-efficient manner for the browser. This issue is limited to Smartview - as such redaction is still applied to relevant terms through bulk redaction as expected. We welcome all reports of words not being highlighted correctly as they may help us reduce these occurrences; if reporting this issue please can you send a screenshot of the first few letters and adjacent preceding characters as well as the last few letters of the word with any adjacent letters after it.

Manually adjust / draw redaction boxes where required

Bulk redaction is applied to terms not highlighted in Smartview: See above; in Smartview certain terms may not always be redacted under specific conditions.

Do not include these terms in bulk redaction if required
Clicking on the "Bulk Redaction" button in the "Redact" page twice doesn't perform redaction on your files.Click on the "Bulk Redaction" button once
Using the text selection redaction tool in Smartview from the middle of the line causes the beginning of the line to be incorrectly redacted.Use the 'draw redaction box' tool if redacting text in / from the middle of a line.

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