August 2021 Update

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • A much-requested feature, OCR has been implemented in Smartbox
  • This allows users to work with scanned documents in the same way as electronic files

Image bulk redaction

  • Users are now able to select whether to include images in bulk redaction

Multi-factor Authentication

  • MFA helps safeguard accounts by requiring users to prove their identity with multiple factors: their username and password, plus an authenticator app
  • This can be turned on and off by the ‘Owner’ user

User Interface overhaul

  • To make the platform more intuitive and align it more closely with the branding, our UI has received a significant upgrade:
    • Re-colouring and re-design of elements to reflect the website’s rebranding
    • Re-naming of areas in Smartbox to make their function clearer:
      • Analysis Settings > Box Settings
      • Data Insights > Report
      • Folder redaction > Redaction
    • File count added to Boxes
    • Addition of a new navigation bar within Boxes to make moving around Smartbox a smoother experience
    • Options button added to Boxes, Folders and Files

New Box creation workflow

  • Users can now define their analysis settings before uploading data
  • Previously all uploads would be subject to default analysis settings on upload and they would have to be adjusted later

New Box download workflow

  • Users now have much more control over their downloads
  • Users can choose to keep downloaded files separate or bible them into a single PDF
  • Raw and PDF versions of original files can now be exported

Ability to re-analyse Folders and Files

  • Previously only Boxes could be selected for re-analysis
  • This has now been expanded to include all items within Smartbox, including individual files

Support widget

  • Clicking the ‘Help’ icon launches a widget that contains the user guides from

Document splitting

  • Client web browsers often struggle to display very large volumes of data. As a result, large documents are now split into 20-page segments which are easily viewed.


Re-defined folder levels

  • To avoid any confusion when talking about folders and sub-folders, top-level folders have been re-named ‘Boxes’ and have been re-designed to reflect this change.

Smartview loading speed

  • Significant improvements have been made to the loading speed of Smartview
  • This is especially noticeable when working with larger files that previously opened less reliably

Smartview file size limit

  • Previously Smartview was limited to opening reliably for files under 10 pages long
  • This has been optimised to open for any length of file

Behaviour when dealing with duplicate uploads

  • Rather than failing after the upload is completed, duplicate files are stopped before the upload begins


  • Resolved an issue where the progress bar on Boxes would sometimes disappear too quickly
  • Fixed a rare issue where downloading data would export empty zip files for MacOS users
  • Resolved an issue where redactions could not be removed from images
  • The options button in ‘My Business Terms’ was not always clickable and has now been resolved
  • Fixed issue where ‘Download Finalised’ would not run when selected from the left-hand navigation
  • Documents with filenames containing “:” and “[ ]” are now supported and no longer fail to process
  • Fixed an issue where files stuck in the analysis stage could not be deleted

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