October 2021 Update

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Data deduplication

  • All duplicate data is now identified and marked by an indicator
  • This functionality enables users to choose whether to delete duplicates automatically or manage duplicates on an individual basis
  • This has huge time-saving potential when working with medium to large datasets

New file types supported

  • .msg
  • .mbox


Extraction / unpacking speed of compressed files improved

  • Large compressed files (e.g. .zip or .pst) are extracted much quicker than previously
  • This means users can begin working with their data in Smartbox sooner

Request Tracker changes

  • Added the ability to delete requests from the dashboard
  • Introduced option to reject an ID verification submission and request another

Smartview redaction optimisation

  • Work has been done to improve the accuracy / alignment of redaction boxes that are applied in Smartview
  • The accuracy of these boxes was previously very reliant on users’ computer and browser performance capacity

Server optimisation

  • Implemented server changes to provide a more stable and responsive service


  • Folders can now be moved to the top level of a Box
  • Resolved issue where ‘Download original’ of a file would export an empty file
  • Occasionally drawn redaction boxes would be removed during application of bulk redaction within Smartview
  • Uploading compressed data with a double file extension no longer creates a conflict and fails
  • File thumbnails no longer disappear following move operations
  • Fixed issue where folder file counts would sometimes not update following move operations
  • Compressed files containing square brackets [ ] in filename no longer fail during upload
  • Compressed files with double file extension in filename no longer fail during upload

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