January 2022 Update

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Smartview redesign

  • The Smartview UI has been overhauled to simplify its use
  • Introduced the ability to navigate to the next or previous file from within Smartview
  • Improved integration with regular expressions and Dictionaries

Introduction of Dictionaries

  • Dictionaries have replaced My Business Terms as the method with which to create lists of terms for custom analysis
  • This introduces a more intuitive UI and streamlined the process to manage custom lists

Creation date sorting

  • Files are now sorted by creation date by default in Smartbox (where creation date is available)
  • Users can choose to sort by creation date, modified date, or A-Z
  • Files are exported and ordered by creation date
  • Data disclosed via Request Tracker is ordered by creation date

SAR Tracker rebranded as Request Tracker


Increased maximum file upload size

  • The maximum size of individual file uploads has been increased from 500 MB to 2 GB

Auto-load next folder on deletion

  • The next folder is automatically loaded when the current folder is deleted to improve user-experience and increase productivity

Optimisation of various backend processes


  • OCR would occasionally not run on compressed files
  • Resolved issue where error icon would not display past a certain point of large depth folder structure
  • Fixes for incorrect behaviour occurring when working with data containing multiple levels of compression
  • URLs now displayed correctly in .eml files

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