May 2022 Update

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Account lockout

  • To improve security an account lockout feature has been introduced
  • 5 unsuccessful log in attempts within 5 minutes will cause the account to be locked for 30 minutes, or until the password is reset
  • This is intended to prevent brute force attacks

Hover on file names

  • Hovering on file and folder displays their full names
  • Previously long names were unable to be fully displayed, which made differentiating between similarly named items difficult

Cancel bulk redaction

  • Bulk redaction operations can now be interrupted from the Box options menu
  • Previously users were required to wait for the process to complete


Increased maximum file upload size

  • The maximum size of individual file uploads has been increased from 2 GB to 5 GB

Improved tree navigation / list view interface

Increased Redaction page loading time speed

Left-hand navigation is now included in sorting selections

  • Previously this was confined to the right-hand workspace

Increased data extraction speed


  • Resolved instances where the Image category failed to load on the Redaction page
  • Fixed occurrences of the bulk redaction progress bar failing to display
  • Large deletion operations no longer impact stability
  • Resolved issue where clicking the Box name in the navigation bar didn’t always return user to root level
  • Sort selection is no longer reset upon entering and exiting Smartview

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