June 2022 Update

Posted about 2 years ago by Harrison Gowers

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Bulk Redaction page re-design

  • To improve user experience the bulk redaction page has been overhauled
  • Pagination has been implemented to improve load times and prevent browser hanging
  • Users are no longer required to 'unlock' the page to make redaction adjustments
  • A search function has been added

Error Report

  • To improve a user's ability to troubleshoot their data, an error report is generated after data has been processed
  • This provides a list of files that have failed to process and the reasons for this
  • From the report files can be retried or deleted

Data download indicators

  • During data download from Smartbox to desktop there was no indication that it was taking place
  • Indicators showing download progress have now been implemented


File names included in search

  • Previously searching in a box was only applied to file content

General UI improvements


  • Request Tracker data import is no longer cut off by network interruptions
  • Fixed issue where Box options would not unlock after processing was complete

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