September 2023 Update

Posted 8 months ago by Harrison Gowers

Harrison Gowers Admin


  • Introduced static Next / Previous file buttons in Smartview so they are not repositioned based on file name length.


  • Navigating between files in Smartview has been re-worked to decrease the load on browsers and reduce unresponsiveness.
  • Optimised the deselection of terms in the bulk redaction table to improve speed.
  • Improved loading times of some first time operations.


  • Loading large numbers of duplicates will no longer time out.
  • Incorrect file count would sometimes display in the deletion window when selecting and deleting multiple files.
  • Resolved UI issue with the Dictionary headers when scrolling.
  • Placeholder thumbnails for MP4 files have been fixed.
  • Performing multiple consecutive box searches would sometimes return zero results erroneously.

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