January 2023 Update

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  • Smartbox now automatically identifies documents that have similar text content.
  • These "near duplicates" can be deleted in bulk or on an individual basis to avoid having to work on multiple versions of the same file.


  • This tab enables email de-threading and the removal of empty folders with a single click.
  • De-threading emails that are included in the threads of other emails.
  • Helps to reduce reviewing the same information many times.

Quick cull

  • This feature allows users to perform all of Smartbox's culling functionalities in one go.

Culling report

  • The report is generated after the culling functionalities have been performed.
  • It provides a list of files that were removed, when they were removed and by whom.


  • Increased the maximum size allowance for a dictionary entry from 250 to 5000 characters.
  • Improved the resizing of Smartview for users with smaller screen dimensions.
  • Introduced a ‘breadcrumb trail’ system within boxes to aid navigation.


  • Fixed situation where annotations in Smartview would not save.
  • ID verification upload no longer times out if it takes longer than 30 seconds.
  • Resolved issue where creation date would sometimes not persist for zipped files.
  • Box auto-refresh no longer resets filter view.

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