June 2024 Update

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Warning Report

  • This report contains documents with structural issues that could cause unexpected behaviour (e.g. misaligned highlighting, content cut-off) within Smartbox.
  • If a document has an issue users will be notified, a warning will appear in Smartview, and the file will be recorded in the Warning Report.

MS SharePoint Connector

  • Integration between MS365 and Smartbox has been expanded with the introduction of the SharePoint Connector.
  • Import data quickly and securely from a SharePoint site into a Box.
  • Only available to accounts with an active Data Sources subscription.

Clutter preview

  • Users are now able to view a list of email threads and empty folders that have been identified as clutter before culling.
  • These items can also now be previewed directly from the Clutter page.

Additional export options

  • To address occurrences of disclosed files and folders containing personally identifiable information, two new export options have been implemented:
    • Remove folder structure: export the documents to a single root level without any folders.
    • Rename files and folders: replace the name of all exported items with sequential numbers.

Select bulk redaction method

  • Users now have the choice of two options when performing bulk redaction:
    • All (default): if a term is selected for bulk redaction, all instances of it will be redacted across the dataset.
    • Contextual: if a term is selected for bulk redaction, only the specific instances where it has been identified as sensitive will be redacted in the dataset.


  • Box search has been improved with addition of exact (“”) and wildcard (*) query support.
  • Pagination added to the User Activity report for an improved experience.
  • Additional API endpoints created for Dictionary management.
  • Optimised the placement of highlighting and redactions on scanned documents containing pages of differing orientations and dimensions.
  • Exported files with extended paths are now placed in a separate folder to ensure they are compatible with Windows File Explorer’s 256-character limit. This was preventing Windows users from opening some ZIP files downloaded from Smartbox using the default application.


  • Resolved situations where using the text select tool in Smartview would cause bulk redactions to no longer display.
  • The duplicate icon (D) was incorrectly linking to the Report Dashboard instead of Culling.
  • The clutter count in the Report dashboard no longer times out on extremely large boxes.
  • Resolved instances of occasional placeholders being left for files deleted during culling.
  • Resolved instances of "Run AI search" and Regex sometimes remaining locked in Box Settings.
  • Fixed instances documents deleted in the Error Report not being greyed out.
  • OCR output for images can be opened when using list view again.
  • Results now appear under the Regex category in Smartview, even if it also exists as a PII category result.
  • Fixed display issues when using the search tool in Smartview.

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