If you have completed analysing and redacting a Box - or simply wanted to convert files to PDF - you can export the finalised version to your desktop.

1. To finalise your data, click the options menu and select Create redacted version. This will save any changes.

  • There will be a star symbol next to a Box that has been finalised

2. Once the redacted / finalised version has been created, click the options menu again and select Export

3. This will launch an export window that allows you to select how you want your data to be downloaded, divided into 3 sections:

  • Files
    • All - all files within a Box
    • Only with tag - only files tagged with a particular status
  • Types
    • Original - converted PDF files with no redactions
    • Redacted - converted PDF files with redactions
  • Format
    • Multiple PDFs - export each file as a separate PDF
    • Combine into one PDF - bible / combine all files into a single PDF
    • Raw files - export the raw / original file and file type

4. Click Collect data and Smartbox will bundle your data according to your download selections and export it as a single zip file.


  • Files that failed to be converted will appear in an Unconverted folder in the downloaded data if selected in the export
  • If you have chosen to download All and Redacted this will also include documents that do not contain any redactions