Quickstart Guide

Posted about 3 years ago by Mark Callahan

1. Upload data

Create a new Box by clicking the button in the top right corner of the window and select Default configuration.

Drag & drop your file(s) straight from your desktop into the import area of your Box.

If you are uploading multiple files, we strongly recommend compressing them into a single zip file before uploading.

2. Culling (if required)

  • Duplicates

Make your data more manageable by removing any redundant, duplicate files.

Go to the Duplicates tab in CullingSelect the Auto deduplicate checkbox and click Go.

This will automatically retain one copy of each file and delete the duplicates.

  • Near-duplicates

Remove files that are similar but not exact copies such as versions of a particular contract being sent back & forth with minor alterations.  

Click on your box's option menu and select "Cull".

Click on the "Near duplicates" tab and select the near duplicate files that you want to remove from your box and click on "Keep newest file". You can choose between "Keep newest file" and "Keep biggest file"



  • Clutter 

Remove email chains and sub-folders that don't contain any files

  • Quick cull

Click the Cull tab icon within a Box. This will launch the Culling window and Toggle the operation(s) you wish to perform and click the Cull button. 

3. Bulk redact

Either click the options button on your Box and select Redaction or choose Redact from the navigation bar from within the Box.

Select the terms you wish to redact and click Bulk Redaction.

There will be a tick/check mark on your Box when the bulk redaction is complete.

4. Error report

To delete all the files that haven't been analysed by the AI, select all and click on the "Bin" icon

5. Review & manual redaction

To review an individual file, double-click on it or click the options button and select Smartview.

To create manual redactions, select your required Search Terms on the left-hand side and click the Redact Selected button – this will redact all instances of the asset in the file.

Alternatively you can use the redaction tool at the top of the page to draw redaction boxes by clicking and dragging over an area of the file.

6. Export finalised data

When you are happy with your redactions, click options on the Box you wish to export and select Create redacted version. This will finalise the redacted copies of your files.

When this is complete, click options again and select Download Finalised to launch the export window. From here you can select your desired export options.

Click Collect data to apply your choices and download your data as a zip file to your desktop.

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