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Posted over 3 years ago by Mark Callahan

Box Settings are the options that determine the terms that are searched for and indexed by the AI during analysis. This is key to ensuring the relevant terms are identified as accurately as possible and manual searching is kept to a minimum.

These settings are set and applied on a Box by Box basis, enabling you to create and customise distinct parameters for different datasets.

For example: you may only be required to index bank account numbers and female names within a folder and all other information is irrelevant. You would simply select those two categories for AI analysis and ignore the rest. You can set any combination of default or custom terms as the search parameters.

You can also return to Box Settings at any point and re-run the AI search on a Box with new parameters. Just be sure to press Run Analytics again to confirm your new settings.

Where are Box Settings?

Box Settings are customisable from 2 locations:

1. Choosing Advanced configuration in Box creation will open a window that allows the adjustment of Box Settings before uploading and analysing data.

2. Box Settings can be accessed at any time from within a Box, by clicking Box Settings in the navigation bar.

Applying Box Settings to analysis

Defining which parameters the AI will search for and index is as simple as selecting and deselecting various categories, lists and individual terms within Analysis Settings.

These options are split into the following groups:

  • PII
  • Dictionaries
  • Regular Expressions

1. To make changes to these settings, select or add any parameters and click Run AI Search at the top of the page to save these adjustments.

2. Next click the Update analytics button at the top of the page to re-run the AI analysis according to these new parameters.

3. Box Settings can be returned to and adjusted as much as required.

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