The PII section allows the selection of predefined Personal Identifiable Information (PII) categories the AI will search for and index within your data. 

These categories can be expanded by clicking on them. This enables the narrowing down of the search to particular sub-categories if required.

Select any combination of categories and sub-categories and click Confirm selection to save these search parameters.


Dictionaries are lists of terms that you want to ensure are picked up during analysis. These may include things such as project names, organisation-specific acronyms, and other terms that are sensitive but may not necessarily be identified by the default analysis.

These can be included in your default analysis or used on a Box by Box basis.

Click here for instructions on how to create and manage Dictionaries.

To include a Dictionary in your analysis, simply select the checkbox next to each relevant Dictionary and click Run Analysis.

Regular Expressions

Smartbox.ai enables the building and applying of Regular Expressions to use in your data analysis.

If you need help setting up Regular Expressions, we'd recommend contacting your IT team or getting in touch with us.

To create a Regular Expression:

  • Scroll down to Regular Expressions in Box Settings or select Regular Expressions from the Settings drop-down in the header navigation
  • Add a name and a description
  • Insert your expression
  • Click the plus button to save

To edit a Regular Expression, click the pencil / edit icon next to the expression

To delete a Regular Expression, click the Bin / Trash button next to an expression.

Box Terms

Box Terms are manual terms or phrases that you can add to include in the AI's search of a Box. These terms are Box-specific and thus only for words or phrases relevant to a particular circumstance or case.

These are especially useful for project-specific terms or mis-spellings / variations of words you're looking to identify.

To create a Box Term:

1. Scroll down to Box terms at the bottom of Box Settings

2. Enter a term or phrase and click the plus button to add and save it

3. Select the colour used to index each term in Smartview by clicking on the coloured square

4. Edit a term by clicking the pencil / edit button

5. Delete a term by clicking the bin / trash button