Multi-tenant accounts

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If your organisation requires multiple connected workspaces (rather than entirely separate accounts) to keep certain data and users separate, Smartbox supports multi-tenant accounts. This is useful for creating departmental or client workspaces.

Example use case: 

  • your organisation processes information requests for multiple clients 
  • you are required (or prefer) to process client data in separate areas
  • specific team members work on certain client data only
  • you require oversight of all client work

This functionality allows the creation of sub-tenants connected to and accessible via your main organisation account. From the primary tenant users with the required permissions can switch between any of the available tenants within your account.

Please note: for security purposes multi-tenant functionality is disabled by default. If you wish to use it please get in touch and we can enable it for your account.

Creating sub-tenants


  • Multi-tenant functionality enabled
  • "Owner" permissions


  1. To access the tenant creation page click "Create tenant" under "User management" from the main navigation menu.

  2. To create a new sub-tenant enter a name and click "Create".

  3. If required, a new user can be invited to the sub-tenant immediately by selecting the checkbox and entering an email address.

Using multi-tenant accounts

  1. Once a sub-tenant has been successfully created, clicking on your organisation's name in the header navigation will open a drop-down displaying any sub-tenants you have access to.

  2. Click on a sub-tenant's name to switch to it and the new account can be used immediately in the same way as the main tenant.

  3. To return to your main account or switch to another sub-tenant, open the drop-down and click on the required tenant at any time.

Multi-tenant permissions

The functionality available to a user depends on both their Smartbox role and multi-tenancy setting.

PermissionsCreate sub-tenants?Access sub-tenants?
Smartbox role: Owner
Multi-tenancy: Enabled
Smartbox role: Owner
Multi-tenancy: Disabled
Smartbox role: User
Multi-tenancy: Enabled
Smartbox role: User
Multi-tenancy: Disabled

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