Bulk Redaction is the process of redacting selected terms within a whole Box and its sub-folders. Rather than manually redacting terms on a document by document basis, select all and any sensitive information identified by the AI's analysis and redact them across an entire dataset. 

This can save tens of hours and and be completed without ever needing to open a file in Smartview (though always be sure to review before disclosing!).

To bulk redact in Smartbox:

1. Navigate to Redaction by either:

  • Clicking the options button on a Box and selecting Redaction
  • Choosing Redact on the navigation bar from within a Box

2. Select the terms you wish to redact:

  • Please note your results may take up to a minute to load the first time
  • This screen shows any categories, sub-categories, lists, and individual terms that have been identified according to your Box Settings
  • Select and deselect terms for redaction by expanding and collapsing the tree to make broader or more refined selections

3. Bulk redact

  • When you are happy with your choices click Create first redactions to initiate the bulk redaction process
  • The bulk redaction progress can be seen by the bar on the Box from Smartbox home
  • Once the operation is complete, there will be a tick / check mark next to your Box

5. Re-run redaction if required

  • Re-run redaction if you would like to adjust your bulk redaction
  • Click the 'Update Redaction' button at the top of the page, create your new selection and click the Redact button again

6. Manually review and adjust redaction

  • Open your files in Smartview to review and manually adjust your redactions