Smartview enables manual redaction of a document directly by selecting identified terms or by drawing redaction boxes yourself. This provides a more granular but slower redaction option to bulk redaction. This is best used if you only have a couple of documents to redact or as a review tool. Although selecting the terms within the document is a manual process, Smartview still has the ability to bulk redact all instances of terms within a file.

1. Open a document in Smartview by double-clicking it or selecting it from the options menu

2. Redact search terms

  • The left-hand Search terms show the terms that have been identified within the document according to your Box Settings
  • Click Update Redactions at the bottom to make amendments to the file (only necessary if you have already performed bulk redaction)
  • Select the terms you wish to remove or add for redaction - this can be done by whole categories or individual terms
  • Click Confirm Redactions to apply these changes and create redactions
  • Please note that due to browser configurations bulk redactions performed in Smartview may not exactly align with the relevant term. Please use the selection tool to adjust the boxes if necessary.

3. Draw Redaction boxes

  • If you have a large area of a document you wish to redact or there is a term not identified by the analysis, click Draw Redaction Box from the toolbar at the top of the window
  • By clicking and dragging you can draw a redaction box anywhere on the page and any size