We try to support as many file types as possible, but not all operations apply to all types. Whilst almost every file type will upload to Smartbox, not all can be opened in Smartview or bulk redacted.

Uploading: you can drag & drop any type of file into Smartbox.ai where it will be available for use in disclosure or even simply for secure storage. 

Unpacking: Zip, PST and OLM files are unpacked on upload so you can work with the contents.

Attachments: All emails have their attachments extracted into subfolders so you can easily manage them.

Disclosing: Any file type can be attached to a SAR process for disclosure to a recipient. 

AI analysis & Redaction: Only regular documents or images can be viewed in Smartview and redacted.

The following file types are fully supported within Smartbox:



The following file types will upload to Smartbox but may not convert and thus functionality may be limited:

.602 .fh7 .msg.pict .sxc .xbm 
.abw .fh8 .mw .png .sxg .xhtml 
.bmp .fh9 .mwd .pot .sxm .xlc 
.cdr .fodg .numbers .ppm .sxw .xlc  
.cgm .fods .odb .ppsx .sylk .xlm 
.cmx .fodt .odf .ppt .tab .xls 
.csv .gif .odg .pptm .tga .xlsm 
.cwk .htm .odm .pptx .tif .xlsx 
.dbf .html .odp .psd .tiff .xltm 
.dif .hwp .ods .pst.tsv .xltx 
.doc .ics.odt .pub .txt .xlw 
.docm .jfif .odtxml .qxd .vdx .xlw  
.docx .jif .olm.qxt .vsd .xml 
.dot .jpe .otg .ras .vsdm .xpm 
.dotm .jpeg .oth .rtf.vsdx .xxx 
.dotx .jpg .otm .rtf .wb1 .zabw 
.dxf .key .otp .sda .wb2 .zmf 
.emf .lrf .ots .sdd .wdb 
.eml .lwp .ott .sdw .wmf 
.eps .mbox.pages .slk .wn 
.epub .mcw .pbm .stc .wpd 
.fb2.met .pcd .std .wpg 
.fh10 .mml .pct .sti .wps 
.fh11 .mov .pcx .stw .wpt 
.fh4 .mml .pdb .svg .wq1 
.fh5 .mov .pdf .svgz .wq2 
.fh6 .mp .pgm .svm .wri