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What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a mechanism that enables two software components to communicate and transfer data via a set of definitions and protocols. A request is sent to the API, which retrieves data and returns it to the user.

Smartbox.ai API

The Smartbox.ai API enables the integration of the service with other software platforms. Through this mechanism Smartbox's functionality can be leveraged and customised to fit any specific requirements, helping to streamline processes and increase productivity.

By communicating with the available endpoints users can retrieve data from or perform specific actions in Smartbox from an external source e.g. upload data or get a list of boxes. All of the core Smartbox features can be utilised via the API and, by chaining requests, the full end-to-end information request process can be carried out securely from an external location. 

The list of available endpoints can be found below and we will be continually adding to these in the future.

Available Endpoints


Create boxCreate a new box
Download Audit CopyDownload the audit copy of a document
Download OriginalDownload the original PDF of a document
Download Redaction CopyDownload the redacted PDF document
List Box ContentList items within a box
List boxesList existing boxes
Query Box StatusCheck box status
Query DictionariesList dictionaries
Query Document StatusGet document's redaction and analysis status
Query Regular ExpressionsList regular expressions
Request Hashes DeduplicationList duplicate files
Request Hashes Near-DeduplicationList near duplicate files
Send files to smartboxUpload to a box
Trigger Bulk RedactionBulk redact a box
Trigger De-threadingDe-thread a box
Trigger DeduplicationRemove duplicates from a box
Trigger Near DeduplicationRemove near duplicates from a box

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