What are Dictionaries?

Dictionaries are lists of terms that you want to ensure are picked up during analysis. These may include things such as project names, organisation-specific acronyms, and other terms that are sensitive but may not necessarily be identified by the default analysis.

These can be included in your default analysis or used on a Box by Box basis.

Where are Dictionaries?

From the drop-down navigation menu hover over Settings > Smartbox.ai and select Dictionaries

Dictionaries home

The Dictionaries home displays the list of dictionaries that currently exist in your account.

From here you can use the icons on the right-hand side to Edit, Delete or Create new dictionaries.

Click on a Dictionary to open and manage it.

Create a new Dictionary

From Dictionaries home click the Create new dictionary button on the right-hand side.

Enter a name (and description) for the dictionary and click Create.

The easiest way to populate a dictionary is to upload a .CSV file from your desktop by clicking the Import button on the right-hand side.

Edit an existing Dictionary

Click on a Dictionary to open it.

From within a dictionary you can select terms to delete, import new terms, or export the list using the buttons in the navigation.