Why does my browser become unresponsive or crash?

Posted almost 3 years ago by Mark Callahan

Working on large documents or datasets can be a resource-intensive activity for a browser and computer, which may cause the browser to pop up a message saying the page is unresponsive. 

When loading and calculating lots of information at the same time in a browser, particularly when viewing larger documents, computers (especially older or lower spec devices) may struggle to perform these actions and the page could become unresponsive. 

For browser-specific troubleshooting please see the following:

There are a few general steps you can also try to resolve this behaviour:

  • Wait for a few seconds / minutes and see if the page loads. Sometimes it can take a short while to do so.

  • Close any other browser tabs or applications not in use. This may reduce the load on your device and give it the resource necessary to complete the operation.

  • Check your browser is up to date and running the latest version. Older versions may be incompatible and cause issues.

  • Clear your browser cache to free up memory and reduce the load on your device.

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